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It gives me an immense pleasure to express my thoughts and feelings to all our Officials, parents and participants and those who are working tirelessly under the Bhutan Institute of Martial Arts.In which Institute have four different discipline mainly KARATE,JUDO,WINGCHUN KUNGFU,& ORIENTAL WEAPONS; We established the Bhutan Institute of Martial Arts at the beginning of 2015, with the sole aim of improving Martial Arts, especially "KARATE" in our Country. The young people of today are very interested learning this Arts and keep them physically and mentally fit throughout their lives. Even many senior citizens have shown keen interest to join in our Institute to learn Martial Arts. Learning Martial arts doesn't mean to fight with others or take the life of other people. The main aim of martial arts is to maintain physical and mental health; and of course to defend you from danger.

At present there are over 500 youths participating in our Institute, at various levels, from white belts to higher levels with age range three and half to 48 years old from civil sector, education, arm force and security. It might take lifelong to master the arts as but one can attend the general level such as Black Belt designed for self defence, physical and mentally sound stage from international accepted syllabus of Arts. We have a very experience master Damber Singh Rai and his ta who have undergone various training in the fields of Taekwondo with Black Belt from Bhutan under the expert Taekwondo couch Phurba Dorji, ,latter year he went years of training in other phase of Martial Arts like Karate, wingchu kungfu, judo and oriental weapons from Asian Martial Arts under other master different countries and served several years in Mumbai, Hyderbad and other parts of Indian, then he returned to Bhutan in the year 2014 end and worked with few students of Bhutan in the beginning and with 500 over students till date.

Therefore, Bhutan Institute of Martial arts would earnestly, like to request all the interested young people to participate in our Institute and learn Martial Arts.


D.K Ghalley




Chief Instructor in Technical Expert of Bhutan Institute of Martial Arts

Master(Sihan) Damber Singh Rai was trained as a Martial Arts Student in Taekwondo in Bhutan from his early age in school in Bhutan and after his graduation from Tamil Nadu University in Bsc Chemistry from India, and received a degree in Chemistry. He was a athletic and loved games and sports all time,after his graduation he went to different Martial Arts field of Kungfu, Judo, karate and oriental weapons from Asian Martial Arts and served many years in Indian's Mega city like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderbad and other parts of India. He is currently the president and the founder of Bhutan Institute Of martial Arts.

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